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An incredible true story of one woman’s nightmarish experience with workplace sexual harassment at the highest levels of academia, this memoir relives the horrors as they actually occurred. The author gives an audaciously honest, bold, brave, and transparent account of the unbelievable events that she experienced with sexual harassment while acknowledging responsibility for decisions she made throughout her life that laid the foundations of her feelings of low self-worth and that ultimately made her vulnerable to the horror in which she endured. It then gives credit to the stones on which she stood to reach her goals and stand up against a modern day Goliath.

A single mother of three by the age of thirty, Carmen Johnson was on track to fulfill the stereotypes of a single black mother living in the Deep South. But there were several things that kept her from ending up on the welfare system in Magnolia, GA. – her desire to provide financially and be a good role model for her three young sons, and a deep internal desire to prove her self-worth. After beating the odds by completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, Carmen’s vocation as a teacher earned her just enough for her family to get by. Although grateful for her God given blessings, she wasn’t content with her circumstances. While working and raising her sons with a less-than-committed fiancé, she would eventually interview for the perfect job; one that would increase her earnings, start her on a much desired career path, and allow her to continue her educational goal of obtaining the Ph.D. Little did she know she would end up trapped in a nearly three-year ordeal of sexual harassment and gender discrimination that included acts of unwanted sexual advances and horrendous instances of sexual coercion, brutal verbal attacks, intimidation, threats of bodily harm, and severe retaliation at the hand of a leading administrator at one of the South’s most prominent institutions of higher learning.

Moving and jaw dropping, The Grievance is about one woman’s fight  for justice in the absence of honesty, integrity, equality, and loyalty – and a tribute to the courageous spirit of all women in the workplace.

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